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MD Year 2

Information for clinical lecturers on placements through the new MD course.

  1. Who are the students?
  2. What we would like the students to do
  3. What we would like you to do

Who are the students?

All students are postgraduates who have achieved an exceptionally high standard in their undergraduate studies. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds; some students have undergraduate degrees in health-related disciplines such as physiotherapy and nursing. Some students come from a pure science or humanities background.

All students have progressed through the first year of the MD which has given them a background in the basic biomedical sciences of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. They have covered pathology, pharmacology, microbiology and other clinical sciences in some body systems and will continue to learn these during first semester in Year 2.

They have also been learning clinical skills in a classroom environment, some systems have been covered in first year and some will be learnt in Semester 1 in Year 2. In the second semester of Year 2 students begin their introductory clinical placements in tertiary hospitals.

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What we would like the students to do in their GP placements


Primarily we would like students to gain experience in General Practice and to observe the skills of a general practitioner and appreciate the role of General Practice in our community.


Students should also develop their own communication skills by observing doctor-patient interactions and practicing communicating with patients themselves. We would like students to have the opportunity to practice taking a medical history from a patient. We would like them to observe and practice performing physical examination. If the opportunity arises we would like them to observe and perform simple office procedures such as urinalysis.

Diagnose a chronic patient

We would also like them to follow one patient with a chronic illness over the entire year. In second semester we would like them to start formulating a diagnostic hypothesis for common presentations to general practice. We would like them to assess patients with chronic health conditions and construct a prioritised problem list. We would like them to practice presenting their assessments to a clinician.

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What we would like you to do

We would like you to provide the opportunities for students to observe and participate in General Practice in order to achieve the above outcomes. We would like the students to visit your practice seven times during the year, spaced as regularly as possible. Each visit should be for one clinical session (three or more hours). The students will be asked to arrange the visits at a time which is convenient to you and fits with their MD timetable.

We would also like your help to monitor the student’s progress through Year 2 by giving us some simple feedback on how they are progressing. General Practice is the only clinical discipline with a longitudinal placement over the entire year so your insight into the students’ skill development and professional behaviour is invaluable. The department of General Practice academic staff will support you in this role and if any students are found to be struggling we can offer them extra help.

Finally we will ask for your help with one simple assessment item which involves the student presenting their patient with chronic disease to you in a format similar to a ward round presentation. We will provide you with a simple marking guide to help in your assessment.

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