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Volunteer patient program

Ever thought how you could help the doctors of our future?

One of the most effective methods for teaching communication and consultation skills is to ‘simulate’ a real general practice environment. We are are looking for patient volunteers to ‘act’ out scripts designed by academic staff  which represent common or important general practice scenarios.

Current medical problems, past medical history, family and social situations, and emotional states are part of the role you may need to portray. No invasive procedures are undertaken and all sessions are conducted under the supervision of a clinician tutor. While there are many benefits of this teaching method, the one which is most valued is the patient feedback to the student about their performance.  

We also run some sessions with the students where we learn to examine body systems and invite someone who has had a disease of that body system, who may have clinical signs, to meet the students and participate in the teaching session. For example, we run a session on Parkinson’s disease where patients with this disease meet with students and describe the impact that this disease has on their life and then allow students to examine them.

For some teaching sessions we are able to make a small payment as a token of our appreciation. 

If you are a member of the community that would like to contribute to the education of our future doctors, we would love to hear from you by email or you can call (+61 8) 6488 7528. 


School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

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