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Associate Professor Allison Barlett

Alison BartlettAlison Bartlett is Associate Professor in the Humanities, teaching Gender Studies, English and Cultural Studies. She has published widely on the cultural discourses of maternity and breastfeeding.

Her book Breastwork:Rethinking Breastfeeding (UNSW Press, 2005) examines the ways in which breastfeeding is made meaningful through the language of popular media, activism, medicine, Renaissance art and contemporary performance, race and ethnicity, public advocacy, and postmodernism. With Rhonda Shaw she has edited a collection of essays, Giving Breast Milk: Body Ethics and Contemporary Breastfeeding Practice (Demeter, 2010), which contains contributions from academics, midwives, milk banking professionals, and advocates. Her recent work is interested in theories of the postmaternal and encounters with The Skywhale, Patricia Piccinini’s controversial flying breasted mammal.


School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

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