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Nahal Mavaddat

Photograph of Nahal Navaddat

Associate Professor Nahal Mavaddat is currently leading the Medical Humanities Network.

Nahal is an academic clinician with a background in neuroscience and an interest in the complex interaction between mental and physical health. She also has an interest in the role of positive psychology, spirituality and optimism in health and recovery, as well as in interventions that promote positivity and wellbeing. For her PhD at Cambridge University, Nahal studied how brain damage after stroke can lead to changes in personality and moral choices. More recently her research has focussed on how we perceive our own health including how personality and social influences affect health perceptions and outcomes.

Nahal has previously developed and run a well-received course on ‘Spirituality and Medicine’, aiming to assist medical students in understanding the relationship between patients’ own values and outlooks on their health, and doctors qualities such as empathy in promoting recovery. She has also introduced a seminar on ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ for medical students, which helps them appreciate the complex interactions between body and mind, as well as cultural and societal influences on ill-health.

After 7 years at Cambridge University where she worked as a National Institute of Health Research Walport Clinical Lecturer, Nahal is now back in WA and currently based at the School of Medicine at the University of Western Australia.


School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

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