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Nin Kirkham

Photograph of Nina Kirkham

Nin Kirkham's research area is normative and applied ethics, with a particular focus on issues in bioethics and environmental ethics.

She is primarily interested in the concepts of human nature, and the nature/artifice dichotomy, as they are now employed, and have historically been employed, in ethical debates over the legitimacy of new technologies and of manipulations of the environment.

Her teaching interests are broad ranging from Ethics and Bioethics to Philosophy of Mind, Continental Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking. Nin has taught Business Ethics and Professional Ethics in various parts of the University and continues to be involved in teaching outside the Discipline of Philosophy. She has contributed to the development of a Virtual Patient on Refugee Medicine and Ethics for the UWA Rural Clinical School and the cross-disciplinary broadening unit entitled Social Responsibility in Action, run by Pharmacology.


School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

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