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Sally Robertson

Photograph of Sally Robertson

Sally Robertson is a PhD student in the Discipline of Anthropology and Sociology at UWA.

In her ethnographic research she is investigating the experiences of people living with the neurosensory condition fibromyalgia. While pain and fatigue are recognised as major components of the condition, heightened levels of sensory sensitivity are frequently present but often overlooked. She is utilising a neuroanthropological approach to try and better understand how individuals navigate the world with sensory sensitivity. She is particularly interested in the key role played by imbalances within the autonomic nervous system, and how the autonomic nervous system is understood and interpreted in different ways across cultures.

Sally is also interested in how sensory and autonomic nervous system issues play out in a range of conditions, including autism, post traumatic stress disorder and Parkinson’s disease. She is very interested in the role of creative arts, nature-based therapies and animal-assisted therapies in helping people manage medical conditions and heal from trauma. Her own creative passion is in photography.


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