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Gabrielle Reid

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Start date

Aug 2006

Submission date

Dec 2013

Gabrielle Reid

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Validation and assessment of the psychological impact of a family history screening instrument in general practice


This study aims to determine the performance of a family history screening instrument in general practice for the assessment and management of chronic disease risk. This piece of work also aims to assess the psychological impact of undergoing family history screening in general practice and identify predictors of patient anxiety, risk perception and motivation to reduce their risk of chromic disease.

Why my research is important

Cancer, heart disease and diabetes represent the three most significant causes of morbidity and mortality in Australia. General practice plays a vital role in the prevention of these diseases through primary and secondary preventive strategies. Using the family history as a screening tool enables the identification of a population at increased risk of these diseases who may benefit from more focused prevention. This includes the use of the family history for the identification of specific genetic sub-groups at significantly elevated risk, the stratification of populations for early disease screening such as mammography and colonoscopy, and the application of individuals’ beliefs about their familial risk as a motivator for behaviour change.

If family history screening for common chronic disease is to be feasible in Australian general practice, a simple, brief screening instrument is required that can be applied to the whole population to identify patients who require a more detailed pedigree and risk assessment.


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