School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

Finance, resources and operations


  1. To ensure the University's finance, resource and administrative obligations are efficiently met, recognising that the units within the School have individual responsibility for the administration of their own finances and resourcing.
  2. To disseminate opportunities and University policies, and to be a resource for all the School’s units.
  3. To advocate on behalf of the School and its units.
  4. To give units in the School priority consideration when seeking resources or specific expertise that may be available internally.
  5. To pursue economies of scale where efficiencies can be achieved.
  6. To develop an effective budget planning process linked to the Strategic Plan.
  7. To examine cost patterns and utilise central information systems to establish performance indicators for efficiency.


  1. Ensure the University’s finance, resource and administrative obligations are meet in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. Assist disciplines and centres in the School to obtain finance, resource or operations growth by using the School’s resources and economies of scale.
  3. Identify and apply for finance or resources for program or projects in the School’s own right.
  4. Develop an internal communication strategy for the School.
  5. Taskforces to be charged with developing a communication strategy for their own content area.
  6. Videoconferencing capacity to be available in or near the School's offices supported by training and technical support.
  7. Aim to hold one representative School meeting a year.

Strategic Partnerships

  1. Develop finance, resource and operations partnerships across the School’s disciplines and centres.
  2. Develop and strengthen existing relationships with the University’s central administrative sections.
  3. Identify and establish new partnership opportunities with internal and external stakeholders.

School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

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