School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

Serving communities through partnerships


  1. To ground any involvement with any community in the principles of community engagement and feedback.
  2. To serve communities by academic endeavour that promotes community preferences and improves health and community well-being.
  3. To support all health professionals in the community through a range of complementary contributions from all disciplines and centres.
  4. To introduce innovative strategies to ensure sustainability of teaching in the community.
  5. To provide research evidence that will lead to better outcomes within our service activities.
  6. To strive for a well-balanced academic load integrating education, research and service activities.
  7. To uphold the rights of Indigenous communities and individuals to self-determination and respect their values and culture. This includes participation in the development, implementation and evaluation of activities in a manner considered appropriate by the communities or individuals themselves.
  8. To improve communication within the School to identify collaborative approaches to community services.
  9. To advocate on behalf of other areas in the School.
  10. To make use of all of the units’ alliances.


  1. Work together to support the priorities and needs identified by communities. This will involve a diversity of strategies including the development of partnerships, skills co-operation, and resource identification and sharing.
  2. Provide sustainable teaching and research in the community.
  3. Assist disciplines and centres in the School to make use of all the units’ alliances.
  4. Actively encourage communities to utilise the expertise contained within the various units of the School.
  5. Empower communities by developing protocols that ensure communities are encouraged and able to contribute to the activities of the School in meaningful ways.
  6. Develop alliances with local organisations such as Aboriginal corporations, health consumer councils and local shires to facilitate stronger links with local organisations.

Strategic Partnerships

  1. Develop partnerships in community service across the School.
  2. Develop community service partnerships with key stakeholders outside the School.

School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

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