School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

Research and scholarship


  1. To foster an environment in which relevant, collaborative, multidisciplinary research is undertaken and published, thereby enhancing the strengths of the School.
  2. To maximise the School’s research productivity by fostering collaboration and avoiding duplication through the sharing of research resources.
  3. To actively engage in the process of translating research outputs to improve health care.
  4. To promote and conduct relevant research in rural and indigenous communities.
  5. To build the capacity of staff, students and members of partner organisations to undertake research.


  1. Identify areas of common interest and potential collaborations based on the School's research strengths.
  2. Establish a research working group to develop a School policy on matters related to research to
    • coordinate research activities within the School
    • help identify potential areas of collaboration
    • avoid duplication in research activity.
  3. Work towards the preparation of collaborative competitive research grant applications.
  4. Establish regular School research workshops where all disciplines have the opportunity to
    • present the research they are currently conducting
    • identify areas of need which can supported from within the School – providing expertise, advice and resources.
  5. Integrate the teaching, learning and research resources within the School to ensure that research in medical education provides high-quality teaching and to ensure that teaching and learning staff develop research skills.
  6. Establish discipline groups for collaborative research within the School, Faculty and across the wider University community.
  7. Develop a SPARHC research plan which is informed by national, state and University priorities, such as those articulated in the NH&MRC, RAWG Road Map for Indigenous Health Research.
  8. Support the development of research groups in SPARHC that have a specific role in developing research capacity within the School.
  9. Assist the School’s disciplines and centres to undertake relevant, multidisciplinary research fostering collaborations within the School, Faculty and University.

Strategic Partnerships

  1. Develop, strengthen and support research partnerships across the School, Faculty, University and other research institutions and agencies locally, nationally and internationally.
  2. Develop and strengthen partnerships with the School of Population Health; Institute of Child Health Research; School of Earth and Environment.
  3. Establish strategic alliances to facilitate the translation of research findings into policy and practice.

School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

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